Japan: 1 month ago. Tokyo was in a state of calm… at least, that’s the way it seemed to me. I was eating at a sushi restaurant in the Ginza area of Tokyo with a group of friends and fellow students when the earthquake hit. We all rushed outside at the waiter’s motioning as others crawled under tables. Buildings were swaying, as were the power lines above us. I grabbed the girls around me as our professor began to pray out loud. And yet I was not afraid. Up to the moment that my professor said, “In Jesus’s name we pray…” and the quake began to settle, I still hadn’t realized what we had just survived.

All this to say that we lived through the biggest earthquake in Japan’s history and made it home unscathed, if a few days late.

I’m not sure how many of you would consider this a miracle. We weren’t in reach of the tsunami, and while not a lot of damage occurred in our area, I still thank God for His protection. We made it home safely, if a bit… well, shaken.

The point I’m trying to make out of this? Perhaps just to say that miracles can happen. Coincidence is a word that sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Do your characters deserve a miracle every once in a while? I’m not saying that you should make that a go-to option whenever your character is in a fix. Then even miracles would become commonplace and even expected. We don’t want deus ex machina here. But don’t be afraid to incorporate one if you think it would prove a point. Miracles happen. I should know.

In other news, please pray for Japan. The nation is in a state of recovery now, but with new earthquakes and aftershocks, radiation and unrest, it’s going to take a long time for it to heal. Their people are strong, but lost. Check for pictures here, courtesy of The Atlantic.