I love writing fantasy fiction. I can’t say that I’m necessarily a junkie; I tend to avoid anything that seems to hit it big in the literary world (i.e. Twilight, Harry Potter, fill in the blank as far as you like). So why the draw for me? Fantasy offers me the chance to create something absolutely new, in a world completely unlike our own.

I also tend to populate my worlds with medieval characters. The draw? Lost honor. It is uncommon to see respectable men nowadays. Ladies are not nearly as modest. The world is slowly becoming cruder, both in how it talks and acts. And I feel like the appreciation for beauty is slipping away.

So how to fix this? The first thing, I believe, is for the inheritors of tomorrow—today’s teens—to step up and face the challenge of being more than we are expected to be. This should translate into your life, not just your writing. I’m not going to try to write what’s popular—plus, I hate vampires with a burning passion. (* greatly disliked vampires long before Twilight; I just hate them more now because of how many girls they have deceived. Creepy, pale guys looking in at a girl while she sleeps is not being protective; that’s stalking. Vampires are creatures from the pit. End of story.)

The Rebelution: check it out. Image courtesy of http://www.reformationtheology.com.

So here’s my throwing down of the gauntlet, so to speak. Enough of this ridiculous fiction that’s been coming out. Enough being satisfied with it. Let’s create something completely new, mind-blowing. Something that brings beauty and breath back into fiction. And let that carry on into your own life. Don’t let it sit and fester; that’s not beautiful. Let’s take this world by storm.

Want to see better how to do that? My best suggestion is to check out Alex and Brett Harris’s website, Do Hard Things (http://www.therebelution.com/about/rebelution.htm). It’s life changing, beyond a doubt.

And then write your heart out. And don’t you dare let our world stand in the way. Make it realistic, but create it anew. Share your thoughts. Share your heart.