Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in forever. Yes, I am sorry about that, but only in some ways. Thanks for putting up with my writing hiatus, a recovery period from college. 

On a higher note, I am glad to say that I am finally writing again! Secondly, because everything that I write is like an embarrassing child right now, I won’t do much in the way of sharing anything creative. On the up-side of that point, however, I do have a sweet treat for all of you readers and writers. 

My friend Jackie is absolutely fantastic, both as a person and a writer. On her own blog, Lights All Around, she’s started a monthly meme called Opus on 1st. Every first day of the month, she will post a piece of writing on her blog that stems from a short, vague prompt. The best part? Other writers will be posting their works as links in a comment on her original post. Hours of reading, folks! 

LIke I said before, I’m not going to post my own writing just now, but maybe I’ll work up enough courage to post something in the next few months to come. 

All that being said, check out Jackie’s blog, her writing, her story, everything.
If you’re a reader, enjoy yourself with August’s prompt: Yellow. 
If you’re a writer, enjoy reading, but think about participating as well. She’s got prompts lined up for the next several months. 

Check out all the Opus on 1st postings here!